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Swimming Pool Maintenance San Diego Ray’s H20 Purification System provides the most reliable and eco-friendly pool service and maintenance in the San Diego, CA area. We take swimming pool maintenance seriously, upkeep is an integral component in retaining the beauty and health of your swimming pool. It’s time to have […]

Pool Maintenance

Purifying Swimming Pool La Mesa CA
Swimming Pool Purification San Diego Our “Puripool™ Process” is better for you, your pool and best of all – the environment! Instead of the wasteful process of pool draining, “The Puripool™ Process”, through reverse osmosis, filters your water. The environment (not to mention the state of California) will thank you […]

Swimming Pool Purification

Commercial & Residential Pool Cleaning Service San Diego Our commercial pool service always includes: Test the water and re-balance with chlorine and acid Empty skimmer and pump baskets Net and brush pool, clean tile, vacuum as needed Inspect pool and equipment for cracks, leaks, or damage Repair pool-related items Additional […]

Pool Cleaning Service

pool service la mesa ca
Ever had the moment when you thought about taking a swim in your pool, and screamed “nope!” after seeing how dirty it was? Or maybe it was when you realized how much effort it would take to clean the water in your swimming pool after a long work week. No […]

Ray’s H20 Purification System