Swimming Pool Purification San Diego

Swimming Pool Purification San DiegoPool Cleaning Service San Diego

This is a service where I will pull up a mobile trailer that contains a reverse osmosis machine to reset your pool back to pure H2O (water). You will not need to drain and refill your pool which is an expensive and wasteful endeavor.

My machine will keep 85% of your water while also:

• Lowering TDS (solids), calcium hardness, cyanuric acid, and salinity
• Protecting your plaster from exposure to the environment
• Eliminating bacteria and viruses with UV light
• Removing metals, nitrates, phosphates, sodium chloride, and more
• Leaving you with a safer, easier to maintain pool

After I am done you will be able to set the chemical balance for your pool like it was brand new.

The whole process takes about a day to complete. I will drive up with my trailer and hook everything up, all you need to do is provide parking.

Over 4 million gallons of water saved to date.

If you have any questions please call Ray at 619.772.7220

We offer Commercial & Residential Swimming Pool Services

Purifying Swimming Pool  San Diego

It’s no secret that swimming pool purification is the easiest and best way to save water, energy & the environment while maintaining your swimming pool. Take advantage of the technology and jump into a clean and clear swimming pool! Never drain your pool again. Pool water purification lowers TDS (solids) & Calcium hardness. Therefore, the chemicals in your pool become hard to manage. After treatment, your pool water will feel like silk! In addition, no more dumping water every 5 years! This process saves money, water, chemicals and it’s healthier for you and the environment!

The best thing about having a pool that is clean is the feeling you get right when you dive in. To ensure a quality pool cleaning service in San Diego, CA give Ray’s H20 Purification System a call. We’ve been in the pool industry for years and have extensive knowledge about swimming pool cleaning services. 619.772.7220

From residential and commercial pool cleaning to all your swimming pool service needs, Ray’s H20 Purification does it all. Are you in search for a great San Diego pool repair company ? Look no further, our pool service experts have got you covered. If your pool needs repair, the best thing you can do is get it fixed as soon as possible. Not only do we keep your pool sparkling clean, but we also repair and replace pool equipment as needed. Call Ray’s H20 Purification, the licensed and insured pool contractors in San Diego, CA.


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